Visit Linh Ung Pagoda with Da nang to Hoi an tour

On the way from Da nang to Hoi an, I had a chance to visit the Linh Ung pagoda. It was an interesting experience because the pagoda was so beautiful and impressive.

The peaceful Linh Ung Pagoda, located just about 10km northwest of Da Nang, left me breathless as soon as I stepped foot here. It is in the Son Tra peninsula, on top of a hill which is in the shape of a turtle. Linh Ung pagoda faces to The Eastern sea, on the left is Cham Islands, on the right is Hai Van Mountain.

Linh Ung pagoda on the way to Hoi an from Da nang

Your trip in Da nang will not be complete without visiting Linh Ung pagoda. Every day, this famous pagoda attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. If you have to go to Hoi An and don’t have much time in Da nang to see the pagoda, then you should visit it on the way to Hoi an from Da nang. The Da nang to Hoi an tour is a good option you should choose.

The pagoda was originally built during the 18th century. It was later given the name Ngu Che Ung Chon Tu during Minh Mang’s reign. Then in 2006, it was reconstructed with the help of many Buddhist believers. I was quickly amazed by the scenic view of the beautiful large statue of the lady Buddha that is in the center of the Son Tra peninsula, facing the Eastern Sea.

(Linh Ung Pagoda 1)

Considered the largest pagoda in all of Danang, it is the most popular place for tourists to visit and local Buddhist followers to come and pray any time of the day since the name itself means that anything you pray for will come true. The pagoda has a beautiful location surrounded by mountains and sea. With the Marble Mountains surrounding the pagoda, there is also the Shakyamuni statue in the center, the Guan Yin on the right, and the Tripiṭaka on the left, 4 guarding statues with 18 Arhats arranged by a rule to protect the main Shrine.


The special thing on the trip from Da nang to Hoi an I liked the most, was the beach in front of the Linh Ung pagoda. You can feel the tranquility when you first start walking down the short trail surrounded by green trees. This takes you down to the shore where you can jump on a boat that will take you through the clear fresh water straight to the pagoda.  For a while, I had to shout loudly : ” What a beautiful picture!” . I really enjoyed the quick boat ride, because I was able to get a wonderful view of the perfect landscape that surrounds the pagoda. Da nang to Hoi an tour is really an exciting tour.

(Linh Ung Pagod 2)

During my visit to the fascinating Linh Ung pagoda, I learned so many interesting things, especially about the main religion in Vietnam. In fact, this pagoda is very significant because it marks the development of Buddhism in Vietnam during the 21st century.

Da nang to Hoi an is really a nice road  with many beautiful landscapes, especially Linh Ung pagoda, which is really worth visiting. Go there and visit it if you have a chance.

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