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Ao Dai is the famous Vietnames traditional dress. The elegance, the grace and the nobility of Ao Dai symbolize Vietnamese beauty. “Ao Dai Show” tells the story of Vietnamese traditional culture from past to present. It is the connection from the Royal Court to the Folk, the intersection between traditional and modern culture. This show will help the visitors to understand more about the history of traditional Ao Dao which has nearly 300 years been revered as the National Dress of Vietnam from Nguyen Dynasty.


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Over time, Ao dai was transformed colorfully from material and textures to designs. All will be shown clearly in this 1 hour show. This is a unique item of performance of the show that we want to invite your enjoyment. Ao Dai show promises to bring visitors impressive and unforgettable culture value experiences.

Ao Dai Show Program:

1. Opening
2. Royal Show: Royal show is a story about the culture and honored beauty pride of Vietnamese tradition. Which gather arts culture elite royal. The impression and spectacular in the royal collection restored from royal costumes under the Nguyen dynasty

  • Royal dance with paper fan
  • Wine offering royal dance
  • Chau Van folk song with cup dance

3. 1000 years of Ancient Ao Dai in Old market:

  • Old Maket will take viewers discovering the rusticity, the gentleness, simplicity and humanity through features of folklore activities

4. Vietnamese Traditional wedding:

  • Ao Dai is a traditional symbol of Vietnamese. Repertoire “traditional wedding” vividly is depicted a traditional wedding tableau. The formality of the Vietnamese in the wedding day adorn behavior and beautiful cultural of Vietnamese

5. Lotus dance/ Lantern dance:

  • Lotus – the Viet Nam’s national flower. Item is expressed by the language of traditional arts in combination with modern ones. Lotus is symbolized for purity, identity, both of integrity and flavor.

6. Vietnamese school uniform:

  • “Ao Dai is Girl’s School uniform” – introducing to customers a famous uniform of Dong Khanh student girls in Hue city. The student girls are graceful, charming, shy and elegant in pure white Ao Dai. Which comes into poetry with sweet and loving verse.

7. Ao Dai show ( The collections of Ao Dai by Designer Nguyen Lan Vy)


  • Audio guide in 4 languages
  • Free wine, 1 unit of drink, fruit, popcorn
  • Special gift from the show

Show Information:

  • Daily show at 8 pm ( please come to the show before at least 10 mins for the best services)
  • Duration of the show: 1 hour
  • Address: 49A Le Loi street, Phu Hoi ward, Hue city


300.000 vnd/ pax ( = 13usd)

Free for children under 130cm