Things to do in Vietnam recommend best travel experiences to visit this wonderful country. There are many activities from North to South of Vietnam, we operate multiple day and night tours around the country. Participating our tours to discover not only popular attractions but also the hidden lands.

Crafting Traditional Style Lanterns – Lanterns Making Class

This tour will give you the opportunity to not only learn how to make the lantern, but also to get closer with Hoi An history and culture. Colored lanterns are a symbol of Hoi An, where locals believe they bring happiness, luck, and wealth. Bring home a souvenir with a difference, a lantern that you made yourself, after this fascinating class.

$ 13*Per person


Explore the Depths with Cham Island’s Underwater Walking & Snorkeling 1 day trip

Unveil the secrets hidden beneath the shimmering waves of Cham Island with our exhilarating Underwater Walking & Snorkeling Tour. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant marine life, colorful coral gardens

$ 80*Per person