“Perfume river, Ngự Mountain, drifting boats” are some typical things mentioned in many songs and poems to describe the romantic and dreamy Hue city. Along with Truong Tien bridge, they together create a beautiful scene that everyone coming to Hue has to praise and admire. But that’s not all about Hue. There are also many other wonderful and picturesque places in Hue city which will make you overwhelmed when standing in front of it. If you are a nature lover  and want to leave behind yourself the busyness and pressure of modern life, some destinations below will be ideal destinations for you to visit, relax and take photos.

Beautiful places in Hue city captivate travelers

1. Bach Ma national park – a paradise of nature

Bach Ma national park in Hue is not simply a national park but also an attractive tourist destination. If you want to see some nice nature in Vietnam, then this is one of the places you can visit. The winding road up the mountain mingles with natural views to create a beautiful landscape painting. On Bach Ma mountain, you can have a panoramic view of mountains, rivers, lakes, pass, and lagoons. There are also many attractive and wonderful places in Bach ma that you can visit when you take part in Bach Ma national park tour such as Hai Vong Dai, Do Quyen waterfallFive Lakes, etc. For me, Bach Ma is extremely nice on sunny days when there are floating white clouds crossing the mountain. The harmony of the wind, the sun on the sky, clouds and beautiful view below the mountain make those who witness have to admire. ” A paradise on the Earth” is really exact words to describe the beauty of Bach Ma.  Coming to Hue and visiting Bach ma park, I believe that you will not know what to say about it, except the word ” wonderful”.

2. Lang Co Bay

Whoever coming to Hue has to recognize that Lang Co beach is the most beautiful and attractive beach in Hue city. Lang Co beach is located on the foot of Hai Van Mountain. With clear blue water and white beach sand blending with blue color of the mountains, Lang Co bay or Lang Co beach is really a great and romantic destination that everyone seeing it has to stop to take pictures. No matter which corner you look at Lang Co bay, it is still very beautiful. Lang Co owns the most beautiful curves. Soft curves of the sandy coastal strip moving up and down with the waves make it become special. Especially, when you admire Lang Co Bay from the dreamy and windy Hai Van pass, its curves will be your first impression. Sometimes, some boats crossing the tranquil water under the sun shine makes the scene more romantic and poetic.  There will be also a lucky for those who have the opportunity to admire the sunset on the bay. When sunshine gives its way to darkness, only few rays are still roaming, adorn a little pink to the sea water . This beautiful scenery can not express in words. That is the reason why it is considered as the 30th member of the club “The most beautiful bays in the world” in 2009. Really, Lang co bay is worth being one of the most favorite destinations to take pictures in Hue city.

3. Tam Giang lagoon

Tam Giang lagoon, one of the biggest and busiest ones in Hue city, is a great inspiration for many writers, poets and musicians to compose wonderful stories, poems and songs. If you are looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to relax or simply to take some pictures to satisfy your sefie passion, come to Tam Giang lagoon. When you come to the lagoon, especially when the sun sets, you will be so amazed at its beauty that you cannot say any words. The sun silhouetted against the water combined with the image of the fishing nets, huts and boats make the lagoon become very peaceful and romantic. There’s nothing interesting than sitting in a boat in the middle of the lagoon, enjoy the fresh air and admiring the picturesque view. It will make your soul comfortable.

It’s not exaggeration to say that these three places have great contribution of creating the beauty as well as the attractiveness for Hue in the eyes of local people and tourists. With special beauty, they are worth being attractive destinations you should visit when coming to Hue.

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