Located in Ninh Hoa, Hoa Vang district, apart from Danang 40 kilometers to the southwest, Ba Na – Mount Chua is a tourist destination that tourists coming to Da nang should not miss in their trip. It is 1,487 meters high over the sea level. The climate is relatively cool with average temperatures below 20 degrees around the year. Along with the majestic mountain scenery, Ba na hills is one of the most attractive destination not only in Da Nang but also in the central region. Ba Na Hills is far 35km from Da nang, and about 65km from Hoi An Town.

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ba na hills Map

Map of Ba Na Hills with Cable Car stations

Traveling to Ba na hills and some travel tips

The ideal time to travel to Ba na hills

Tourists coming to Viet nam often spend some days visiting Da nang and then take the trip from Danang to Hoi an. And most of the tourists coming to Da nang often choose to spend the first day visiting Ba na hills. The best time to visit Ba Na Hills is 7:30 am (same as their opening time), to avoid the crowd after this.

In Ba Na hills, with a cool climate all year round, a day can experience four seasons: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter in the evening. Tourists can travel to Bana hills at any time of the year. Compared with Da Lat, Ba na hills has a precedence of a panoramic view. From the top of the mountain, one can have a vast view of the sea, Danang city, rice fields spreading to the horizon.

cable car ba na hill

Touristy moment of Ba Na is from April to September each year as travelers tend to go in the summer and this period coincides with the long holidays. If you’re a fan of the bustle, this is the appropriate time to meet and interact with many domestic and foreign friends. If you want to find a quiet space to avoid the noise of urban place, you can choose to go to Bana hills in midweek or winter period, from October to February.

How to get to Ba na hills

There are several ways to Ba na, depending on the number of people that you can choose an appropriate transportation. Currently, the travel unit was put into operation in inner-city bus routes from Da Nang to Ba na hills, relatively reasonable fares, about 120,000 to 150,000 a return ticket for one person. Also, if you want to travel to Hoi an after your trip to Ba na hills, you can hire a private car or taxi from Da nang to Hoi an and stop in Ba na hills, the car will wait for you and then transfer to Hoi an. The cheapest option is still on a motorcycle, saving cost while you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains on the road from Danang to Bana hills.

Cable Car:  Ba Na Cable Car serves not only transport passengers up and down Ba na hills but also an attractive tourism product. Sitting on Carbin cables hanging halfway clouds, looking down at the bottom of the vast mountains, tourists can see the mountains, waterfalls… which are very impressive and spectacular.

Ba Na Hills

Opened to the public in March of 2009, as confirmed by the World Association of cable, the Ba Na Hills Cable Car has received four Guinness World Records, including longest single-wire cable car system (5,771.61 metres), highest difference between departure and arrival terminals (1,368.93 metres), longest non-stop cable (11,587 metres) and the heaviest cable roll (141.24 tonnes). The entire cable car consists of 22 offices, 94 cabins with a capacity of 1500 passengers / hour, the average speed of 6m/ s.  Round-trip Fares for adults is 750,000 / ticket, for children from 1 m to 1.4 m is 600,000. When purchasing cable car tickets, you will be free to play in Fantasy Park.

What to see in Ba na hills

Golden Bridge (Hand God Bridge) – A Vietnamese Masterpiece

Now, Ba Na Hills became viral right after its public opening June, 2018, the Golden Bridge in here, as known as “The Cau Vang Bridge“ or Hand God Bridge, an amazing structure. This new Vietnamese-designed Golden Bridge at Sun World Bana Hills Danang was introduced to the world during a prestigious fashion show since they have used the golden bridge as a runway. The models in their bridal gowns, fog and mountains in the background, it definitely gave a walk to the sky feels. This made the general public fall in love for this mind-blowing golden bridge. Travel magazine, TV Shows and famous travel writers started talking about the giant stone hands lifting a bridge in Vietnam.

 golden bridge da nang

Train service mountaineering

Previously, when tourists want to visit Le Jardin D’Amour garden or Debay wine cellar, they have to queue, which takes a lot of time. However, this problem has been overcome completely with the train service mountaineering. Not only can tourists save time, but they also see the honest and approachable landscape of Bana hills . Looks “adventure” but actually train system has been designed and equipped very definitely, absolutely safe for all ages. Ticket price is included in the cable car ticket already and you get a free wine cellar tour.

 ba na hill on high

Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden:

This great flower garden is designed in European style and divided into seven small gardens. Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden is romantic, ancient and picturesque. Each small flower garden carries one theme and different layout to the gathering of so many beautiful flowers of Europe. Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden promises an interesting and multi-color space  for those who want to take photos.

ba na hill festival

Debay Wine Cellar

Debay Wine Cellar is located just beyond the Shakyamuni Statue, built in 1923 and still in excellent condition. Tourists coming to Ba na hills do not forget to discover the Debay Wine Cellar, home to an abundance of grape wines. Once a luxury entertainment area for the French, Debay now offers a large stocked bar with cocktails, light snacks and, of course, various grapes and wine vintages. It’s really a good idea to discover the cellar under warm light, surrounded by the scent of European wine, along with oak-wood wine tanks.

ba na hills vietnamprivatecars

Fantasy Park:

With an area of 21,000 m2, Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park satisfies the entertainment demands of all ages, featuring amusing games for children to X-games for adults. Once you come here, you will get lost in an entertainment paradise with all kinds of game, from the game for tiny kids to the arcade adventure, thrills… all in all. The international-standard theme park also provides three main food courts serving Western and Asian food alongside souvenir shops offering various mementos to choose from.

Wax Museum:

In the Wax Museum, tourists can see a copy of showcase politicians, celebrities from all over the world. Here, they can meet and take pictures with the actors, soccer stars like Lionel Messi, David Backham, movie star Jet Li… Admission fee is 100,000 vnd for adults and children over 1.4 m. Free for children under 1.4 m.

ba na hills vietnamprivatecar

Mo Stream

At the base of the Ba Na Mountain, about 30 kilometers west of Da Nang, Mo Stream is another attraction worth a visit, typically in combination with a trek up the mountain. The pristine stream lures people by its natural landscape. The most striking feature is the harmony of stream and cliffs in nature. Coming here, you can take the greatest pleasure of swimming in the cool water.

Hopefully, with this experience, you will have an interesting and meaningful trip to Ba Na hills with your relatives and friends.

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