It was a hot day in Hue city, so my friends and I thought about many places we could go to relieve the summer heat. Thuan An beachElephant Springs, and Tam Giang lagoon were three of the most prominent places we chose to discuss. At last, according to the majority, we decided to take a trip to Elephant springs. Before deciding to take the trip, I only knew that Elephant spring is a tourist destination located on the way from Hue to Da nang, about 53km from Hue city and it is a natural spring with a lot of waterfalls which rise from a forest.  However,  after only one day visiting it, I realised that it was much more wonderful than I had thought. I really had relaxing moments there. I also understood why it always attracts a lot of local people, as well as foreign tourists coming to visit and relax.

Elephant springs in Hue city – What a wonderful destination!

To have a good trip, we prepared a lot of things including foods, drinks, swimming suits, hats, suncream, and of course swimming floats in case.  At 8 a.m., we got in the car and hoped to have a fun and promising trip. After driving about 1 hour and a half, we arrived the parking place near Elephant Springs. The spring can be reached from the parking place after a five-minute walk through the jungle. On the road to elephant springs, we saw many wild forest flowers, especially purple myrtle.

My first impression when entering into this Spring was that the area consists of a number of natural pools with clear and cool water, scattered with huge boulders. In this Spring, we saw a rock which is in the shape of an elephant. That’s the reason why people call this Spring Elephant Spring. Under stone elephant’s trunk, there is a deep water region about 30m2. Here, the blue water prints drifting white silver clouds and vast green forests. The water here is so clear that everyone can see even small things in the bottom. Guests are spoiled for bathing and swimming. On both banks of the spring, there are rustic resorts with bamboo leaf shacks. They are quite simple but harmonious with the landscapes here.

(Relaxing moments in Elephant Springs)

There were many people in the Spring. It was really bustling here. There were some parents teaching their children how to swim. Some kids were playing with their swimming floats excitedly. Some men were competing to find out who was the fastest swimmer. The sun was shining in the sky and the weather was too hot, I was very excited to swim right then. “Oh my god, it’s so cold” I shouted when I put my finger into the water. It reminded me the same feeling when I swam in Five Lakes in Bach ma national park the month before. However, when my whole body dipped into the water of the Spring, the water turned to be very cool, even warm when I got used to it. My friends and I swam and played some games together while dipping in the cool water. The water was so enchanting that I even didn’t want to get out of it. However, there are a lot of rocks in the bottom of the springs so be careful with them. In the afternoon, we had lunch at the bamboo leaf shack. The best way to have a good trip is self-sufficiency, which means that you should prepare the food yourself.  However, if you can’t prepare something to eat, you can also easily buy Loc cake, sticky rice, boiled duck and chicken here with suitable prices. The fresh atmosphere and cool weather here will make you feel these normal dishes extremely delicious.

(Swim in cool water of Elephant Springs)

After eating, again we swam without tiredness. We finished the trip late in the afternoon with fun and satisfied feelings. The trip began with excitement and finished with satisfaction, which was very successful for us. If you have a chance to visit Hue, do not miss the Elephant SpringsElephant Spring is really an excellent natural spring that is well worth a visit.

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