List of Entrance fee in Central Vietnam 2019

Joy, experience and knowledge are what traveling bring to us, therefore, it is understandable that nowadays traveling is no longer the private interest of anyone. Are you a good and experienced traveler? Are you confident that your knowledge of destinations is enough for you to plan a perfect and saving trip?

The first thing every travelers will think of when traveling to a place is how much the trip will cost. Besides the costs of your flight, the overnight stays and the daily costs of living there are other costs that you should take into consideration when traveling to any countries. There are costs related to travel like entrance fees and package tour prices. Knowing the entrance fees will help you decide the amount of attractions (that have an entrance fee) that you visit, which will help you to control your expense during your holiday.

If your are going to travel to Vietnam, especially the Central Vietnam, referring the list with the entrance fee below will help you a lot.

Entrance fee of a few tourist spots in central Vietnam

In Phong nha:

SiteFee (Adult + Child >1m3)Fee (1m3 <child<1.1m)Fee(<1m1)
Phong nha cave150.00075.000Free
Tien Son cave80.000FreeFree
Paradise cave250.000125.000Free
Suoi nuoc Mooc180.00090.000Free
Dark cave450.000150.000 Free
Boat ( 1-14 people)Price
Boat to Phong nha cave360.000
Boat to Phong nha cave + Tien Son cave400.000

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In Quang Tri:

SiteFee(Adult )Fee(child)
Quang Tri Citadel350.000/group ( Incense + Flower)Free
Truong Son Cemetery200.000/group ( Incense + Flower)Free
Lao Bao Prison20.00020.000
Hien Luong bridge + Ben Hai river50.00010.000
Khe Sanh – Ta Con Airport50.0005.000
Vinh Moc tunnels50.00050.000

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In Hue:

1. Ticket of each single site (same price for international and domestic visitors):

SiteFee(Adult)Fee(Child 7-12 years)
Hue Imperial Palace (Imperial City – Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities150.00030.000
Tomb Minh Mang/ Tu Duc/Khai Dinh100.00020.000
Tomb Gia Long Tomb/ Thieu Tri Tomb/ Dong Khanh Tomb/ Hue Nam Shrine40.000Free
An Dinh Residence/ Nam Giao Esplanade20.000Free

2. Ticket of sites in the group (same price for international and domestic visitors):

3 sites: “Hue Imperial Palace – Minh Mang Tomb – Khai Dinh Tomb”: 280.000 (55.000 for child 7-12 years)

4 sites: “Hue Imperial Palace – Minh Mang Tomb – Tu Duc Tomb – Khai Dinh Tomb”: 360.000 (70.000 for child 7-12 years)

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In Da Nang


SiteFee(Adult)Fee(Child 1m-1m4)
Cable to Ba Na hills750.000600.000
Lift 2 ways to Marble Mountain70.00070.000
Am Phu Cave40.00040.000
Cham Museum60.00060.000
Da Nang Museum20.00020.000
Asia Park300.000200.000

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In Hoi An


Hoi An Ancient Town120.000With entrance ticket: Tourist can visit all street of the Ancient Town; Artistic Activities; folk game;night market; and 2 out of 22 sightseeing place
Thanh Ha Pottery Village15.000
Tra Que Village10.000Only visit
My Son150.000Included electric car
Vinpearl Nam Hoi an500.000(adult)/400.000(child)After 5pm: 250.000(adult),50.000 (child)
Cam Thanh Coconut village30.000Basket boat : about 200.000/boat

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Some sightseeing places in Hoi an ancient town:

  • Japanese Covered Bridge, Cam Pho Communal House, Minh Huong Communal, House of Tuy Tiên Duong, Quan Cong Temple
  • Museums: History and culture, Trade ceramics, Sa Huynh culture, folk culture
  • Old house: Quan Thang, Duc An, Phung Hung, Tran Family’s chapel, Tan Ky, Nguyen Tuong family’s chapel.
  • Chinese assembly halls: Trieu Chau, Quang Dong, Phuc Kien
  • Handicraft workshop and traditional art performance, XQ Hoi An
  • Ancient tombs of Japanese traders: Mr. Gu Sokukun, Mr. Tani Yajirobei, Mr. Banjiro.

We hope that the list of entrance fee in the Central Vietnam above will somewhat help you get more information to plan a nice trip to Vietnam.

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