Lantern In Hoi An – Beautiful Hancrafted Lantern

1. About Lantern Festival In Hoi An

Lantern in Hoi An is one of the most famous symbols in Vietnam. Hoi An, a beautifully decorated city, is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port from the 15th to the 19th centuries. The distinctive cultural complex’s architecture and street plan of the Hoi An old town reflect the synthesis of local and global influences. The Hoi An ancient town is adorned with lanterns that are strung in front of shops, houses and on almost every corner to light up the streets at night.
The timeless beauty of Vietnam is evident in the Hoi An heritage site. The colorful handcrafted lanterns in Hoi An give the ancient town a different vibe, transporting visitors back in time. Hoi An lanterns were inspired by the original versions of lanterns used during China’s Han Dynasty, specifically paper lanterns. It is believed that the lanterns were brought by Chinese and Japanese merchants when they came to Hoi An to trade and settle in the late 14th century.
Over time, Hoi An locals were taught to make lanterns as well. However, Hoi An lanterns are often crafted of textiles and silk because there is an abundance of silk in the region. The lanterns most often have a natural theme, but they can also take on any appearance, such as fire-breathing dragons and sea creatures. Hoi An has earned the nickname “Lantern City of Vietnam” due to the continued popularity of lantern production. These exquisitely made Hoi An lanterns are exported all over the world.

Hoi An Lantern Festival

2. How To Make It

There are about 32 workshops in Hoi An that make lanterns. Making bamboo frames and cloth covers are the two key steps in the Hoi An lantern-making process.
The bamboo that will be used to make the lanterns is treated first before anything else. Depending on the size of each lantern, the bamboo will be dried, split, and sharpened into thin strips after being immersed in salt water for 10 days to prevent termites.
Typically, satin or vibrant silk are used for lantern covers since they are durable enough to stretch without tearing. According to the size of the lamp, the cloth is divided into sections and glue-applied to the lantern frame. Stretching fabric demands for a highly skilled worker to strain corners in curved portions.

How to make lantern

2.1 Bamboo Frames Making

  • Step 1: Choose the lantern frame design
  • Step 2: Tie the bamboo sticks together
  • Step 3: Bend the bamboo sticks
  • Step 4: Attach the bamboo sticks to the lantern
  • Step 5: Glue the sticks to the lantern
  • Step 6: Open the lantern

2.2 Fabric Or Silk Covering

  • Step 7: Choose pieces of silk or fabric for the lantern
  • Step 8: Attach the silk or fabric to the bamboo sticks with glue and cut the excess parts
  • Step 9: Pick a band and attach it to the lantern
  • Step 10: Attach the tassel

3. Lantern Making Class

Hoi An has been crafting traditional lanterns for more than 400 years. Visitors who are interested in learning the techniques required to create a beautiful and traditional decoration can choose from a variety of Hoi An lantern-making classes.

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The class for making lanterns can be taken privately or in a group setting with a craftsman who speaks English. Depending on the size of the class, the craftsman may start the class by simply introducing the history of Hoi An traditional lanterns, how the materials are being treated and demonstrating how to assemble them. Most workshops would just demonstrate how to put together the Hoi An lantern and participants would create their own traditional lanterns using the supplies provided, due to time restrictions and the complexity of preparation.
Join a bike tour in the Hoi An countryside to see the city’s hidden beauties. The tour consists of a combination of five engaging activities that will bring you closer to a Vietnamese village and give you a true sense of the Vietnamese countryside, one of which is the making of traditional lantern in Hoi An.

Lantern making class in hoi an

4. Where To Take Photos?

4.1 Temples in Old Town Hoi An

One of the most recognizable sights in the historic town of Hoi An is Chua Cau or commonly known as the Japanese Covered Bridge, which has been around for more than four centuries. Thus, it is only natural that photos must be taken here among others.

4.2 Yellow Walls of Hoi An

Hoi an has the enchanting butter-yellow walls and antique structures that will leave its visitors fascinated. There is this unique charm and character when the paint has been worn away and exposed the bare walls beneath. Hoi An’s hypnotizing shade of yellow sears itself into travelers’ minds and images.

lantern in hoi an

4.3 Cafes and Restaurants in Hoi An

Most of the best photos of Hoi An are taken on the streets but certain cafes and restaurants are exception to the rule. From the charming interiors to the broad view of the cityscape from the roof patio.

  • Hoa Anh Đào (Sakura Restaurant)
  • Reaching Out Teahouse
  • Faifo Coffee
  • Hoi An Roastery
checkin hoi an lantern

4.4 Riverbanks of Hoai River

Take a photo of Hoi An’s living museum, a remarkably well-preserved illustration of a South-East Asian trading port from the Hoai River’s riverbanks, which provides one of the best vantage points for the cityscape.

lantern festival in Hoi an - Riverbanks of Hoai River

5. Hoi An Lantern Festival 2022 – 2023 – 2024

Hoi An Lantern Festivals are held to honor the moon and celebrate the harvest season, in accordance with Vietnamese traditions. During the event, bright lanterns are strung from storefronts, houses and streets. Along with parades and fireworks, festivals also feature lion and dragon dances. The lion dance, which is one of the most eagerly anticipated acts, is thought to bring people luck and fortune.
Observing the Lantern Festival in Hoi An, one of the longest-celebrated festivals in Asia, will introduce visitors to local traditions and customs, providing a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse oneself in Vietnamese culture.

Hoi An Lantern Festival Calendar

Year Month Dates
2022 January January 16th, 2022
2022 February February 14th, 2022
2022 March March 16th, 2022
2022 April April 14th, 2022
2022 May May 14th, 2022
2022 June June 12th,2022
2022 July July 12th,2022
2022 August August 11th,2022
2022 September Sept 9th,2022
2022 October Oct 9th,2022
2022 November Nov 7th,2022
2022 December Dec 7th,2022
Year Month Dates
2023 January Jan 5th,2023
2023 February Feb 4th,2023
2023 March March 5th,2023
2023 April April 4th,2023
2023 May May 3rd,2023
2023 June June 1st,2023
2023 July July 1st and 31st,2023
2023 August August 29th,2023
2023 September September 28th,2023
2023 October October 28th,2023
2023 November November 26th,2023
2023 December December 26th,2023
Year Month Dates
2024 January January 24th,2024
2024 February Feb 23rd,2024
2024 March March 23rd,2024
2024 April April 22nd,2024
2024 May May 21st,2024
2024 June June 19th,2024
2024 July July 19th,2024
2024 August August 17th,2024
2024 September September 16th,2024
2024 October October 16th,2024
2024 November November 14th,2024
2024 December December 14th,2024

6. Lantern Shopping in Hoi An

The traditional handcrafted lantern is a unique cultural product of Hoi An and a global cultural treasure. Lanterns have been a critical element to the Hoi An old town due to the colors and ambience it create. As a keepsake of their time spent in the charming nostalgic town of Hoi An, visitors buy lanterns to illuminate their homes.

Shopping lantern festival in hoi an

7. Travel Tip

  • Check weather forecasts especially during the months of September – December
  • Be aware of the full moon (for Hoi An Lantern Festival)
  • Get sampan boat on Hoai River to drop off flower lantern on the water