Many tourists travelling in Vietnam will agree with me that the Central Vietnam is very beautiful and attractive for tourists.
I have to admit that I was impressed by its beauty and interest. Especially Hue, Da nang and Hoi an. Taking a trip from Hue to Hoi an is a beautiful memory in my life.

Travel from Hue to Hoi an by car and a memorable trip

After having finished Hue city tour, which is a great tour for those who want to explore Hue city, I decided to continue my trip from Hue to Da nang, then Da Nang to Hoi an.
The next day, in the morning I booked a private car with an English-speaking driver and prepared everything for the trip.

On the way from Hue to Hoi an, my driver introduced me some information about a National park in Hue called Bach Ma National Park and said that it was very beautiful and I shouldn’t miss it when travelling to Hue.

He showed me some pictures of it and I immediately asked him to drive me to that National Park and he agreed.

Bach Ma is only about 40km from Hue, and it only took us about 1 hour to come to its gate.The Bach Ma national park was much more beautiful than I had thought. I visited Hai Vong Dai, which is on the top of the mountain.

The fresh air and wonderful views from the top which is 1450m in height made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Trekking through the forest was very interesting.

There, I saw many kinds of plants and animals. I also visited Five Lakes and Do quyen waterfall. They were very nice; but i regretted not having much time to visit them longer.

After having visited Bach Ma Nationalpark, I continued my trip to Da nang.  It was 2 p.m., so I decided to stop over only Hai Van pass and Lang Co beach for about fifteen minutes to take photos, not Marble Mountains as my initial plan.

Hai Van pass and Lang Co beach are very beautiful. Tourists travelling to Hue or Da nang shouldn’t miss these places. Their beauty will make you overwhelmed.

I arrived in Da Nang at about 5:30 p.m. The driver dropped me off at my hotel in Da Nang. I checked in the hotel and took a short rest. Da Nang is a busy city.

In comparison with Hue city, it’s more modern and active. I spent one night at the hotel and relaxed after a long day.

The next day, I visited Ba na hills, which is very famous in Da nang.  To go to the top, one has to use the cable car. Ba na hills is built in European architecture.

In Ba na hills, there are many places to visit as it’s very big and it took me 1 day to visit all. I stayed there that night.

On the third day, the driver continued to drive me to Hoi an. He told me that there were many people using the service Da nang to Hoi an tour.

Because that service not only helps tourists transfer from Da nang to Hoi an but also helps them have a chance to visit some places in Da nang such as Linh Ung pagoda, Marble Moutains and My Khe beach.

Heard about that, I also asked him to stop over those places for me to visit. And surprisingly, he agreed again. He was really a kind and friendly driver. Linh Ung pagoda, My Khe beach and Marble Mountains were really worth my visit.

It was very lucky for me to have a good driver and a wise decision. I arrived in Hoi an in the afternoon and started to visit Hoi an.

The trip from Hue to Hoi an that I took was really interesting and left many memories for me. For those who are planning to visit Hue, Da nang and Hoi an, booking a private car with an English-speaking driver is the best way for their trip. Enjoy it and you will understand how I felt.

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