Hoi An is the most visited town in Central Vietnam due to the timeless charm of the spectacularly well-preserved Hoi An Old Town. The small town has been receiving hundreds of local and foreign travelers who want to explore the streets of Hoi An Ancient Town, its neighboring beautiful beaches and gigantic theme parks within the area.

Theme parks are basically the crowd puller in when it comes to Vietnamese locals. Chances are every local tourist find himself visiting one or two theme parks during the trip. Hoi An is no longer a stranger when it comes to theme parks. Theme Parks that could rival the Ba Na Hills when the Golden Bridge is located were also established in Hoi An and its nearby towns to promote the province’s tourism.

One of these unique theme parks found in Hoi An is the Hoi An Impression Theme Park. The recently opened theme park is located at 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Cam Nam, Hoi An, Quang Nam and it is like no other in Central Vietnam. Unlike other theme parks, Hoi An Impression Theme Park main attraction is its educational and awe-inspiring evening shows. Making it a great escape from the usual evening being spent just exploring the usual shophouses in Hoi An Old Town.


Shows in Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Hoi An Memories Show

This show in Hoi An Impression Theme Park is Vietnam’s largest art show as it requires 500 performers wearing their traditional ao dai costumes on the stage and entertaining the guests

with modern staging techniques and excellent quality performances. The show highlights the 400-year history of the Hoi An port town.

Hoi An Memories showtime: 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM (Daily except Tuesdays)

(Traditional “Ao Dai” Costumes )

 ( Trai Ho Beating Tiger Show)

As a land of wild animals, there were many ferocious tigers roaming around and attacking locals and their domestic animals like buffalos. During those times, a legendary knight came and killed a tiger to the powerless villagers. This legendary knight, Trai Ho became Quang Nam’s symbol of strong will in protecting the results of their hard work.

The Love Story of the Silkworm Goddess Show

One of the greatest love story of a royal and a commoner in Vietnam. The Crowned Prince Nguyen Phuc Lan fell in love with a girl who made her own living by sericulture and growing mulberries. After their marriage, the wife encouraged the community to get into sericulture and start growing more mulberries in the area. The sericulture became strongly developed in the 17th century and Vietnamese silk products were taken to the legendary Silk Road then reaching the international market making the province known to other countries for its quality silk productions.


                                              (Wedding Ceremony of Princess Ngoc Hoa)

The historical wedding ceremony of two powerful individuals from two different backgrounds. Princess Ngoc Hoa introduced and popularised the Vietnamese culture in Japan while her husband, a prestiged Japanese merchant did the same in Vietnam. The diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and Japan will clearly be shown on this performance.


Main Attraction in Hoi An Impression Theme Park


(Park Entry Gate)

The Thanh Chiem Palace, a national relic found in Quang Nam was used as a basis to design the Hoi An Impression Theme Park entry gate.  Thanh Chiem Palace was built in 1602 by the first of the Nguyen Lords, Nguyen Hoang. It was considered as the second capital of the Nguyen Dynasty that welcomed Western missionaries to share their knowledge and collaborated with Vietnamese to create the Vietnamese language writing system.

Love Bridge

One of the cultural influences of the Japanese and Chinese merchants during the boom of the port town in Hoi An. Love Bridge is common in China, Japan and Korea where lovers will write their names on a piece of paper or padlock and attach it to the bridge before praying for blessings and sustenance of lovers relationship. The bridge is located at the entry of Chinese and Japanese villages.

Japanese Village

The diplomatic relationship between Japan and Vietnam during the 17th and 18th centuries was strongly established. Hundreds of Japenese merchants were part of the community in Hoi An. Even now, their culture is still evident as their architecture and cuisine were adapted by the local Hoi An villagers.

Spirituality Section

Vietnamese culture is deeply rooted in their beliefs and religion. This is no wonder that pagodas, temples and shrines are the common tourist attraction in every town and city in Vietnam. The Spirituality section of Hoi An Impression Theme Park is one of the reflections of that the spirituality of the people is already part of their lives, even during their vacation and holidays.

Commercial Section

As a famous trading port in Southeast Asia and even reaching the far western countries like France and the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Hoi An Trading Port was busy with its international commercial dealings. Merchants traded their local products such as tea, silk products and pottery products. This will be depicted in the commercial section of the Hoi An Impression Theme Park, allowing visitors to travel in time to witness the usual trading scene during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Theme Park Business Hours

Hoi An Impression Theme Park opens in the late afternoon until evening only, from 5:00 PM until 9:30 PM. Entry Gates are open only until 7:00 PM, it is best to get your ticket beforehand to avoid the long queue at the counter and proceed immediately at the entry gate.

Hoi An Impression Theme Park and Show Entry Ticket

All tickets include gate entrance and Hoi An Memories Show. There are 3 sections at the seating area for the performances; Eco, High and VIP. Tickets may vary depending on the services included.

Seating Sections


Children below 1m – FREE

Children from 1m to 1.4 m – 300.000 VND per pax                                           

Adults – 600.000 VND per pax


Children below 1m – FREE

Children below 1.4 meters – 350.000 VND per pax

Adults – 700.000 VND per pax


Children below 1m – FREE

Children below 1.4 meters – 400.000 VND per pax

Adults – 900.000 VND per pax

Helpful Tips: 

Hoi An Impression Theme Park is not within the Hoi An Old Town. Thus, taxi and private car transfer would be the best way to get there in case you will not be able to catch the free shuttle bus pick up.

Shuttle bus Da Nang – Hoi An Theme Park: 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM

Shuttle bus Hoi An Theme Park – Da Nang: 9:00 PM

Shuttle bus may be delayed from time to time. If you want to enjoy all the places first before the show, it might be wiser to get to the theme park on your own. Private car transfers offer services wherein drivers would wait for you until you are done exploring the place and watching the show. It is more economical as taxi drivers usually ask for additional pay most especially the show ends late in the evening.

Food and Drinks from outside are not allowed in the theme park. Make sure not to bring them with you during your visit or you’ll have to leave them at the gate.

As the queue may get long, it is best to get to the park with ticket already purchased or arrive earlier to avoid the long queues at the counter.