An ancient city like Hue city always attracts tourists by its quietness and antiquity. When travelling in Hue, many people often choose cyclos and motorbikes to be their main vehicles. However, to have a new and different experience about the people and sights in Hue as well as to feel the most natural thing of Hue, I recommend you to explore Hue with a bicycle.

Why discovering Hue city with a bicycle is interesting?

With most of the closed destinations within 10km, discovering the ancient capital of Hue with a bicycle will be an interesting option for many people. Not being noisy and busy like other famous tourist cities in Vietnam, Hue is beautiful, charming, and peaceful, which is suitable for a cycling trip.

With the advantage of being a tourist city, Hue city is the place where you can easily hire a bike with suitable and affordable prices. Local bike rentals are mainly focused on Hung Vuong Street and Le Loi Street.

For my friends and me, riding a bicycle around Hue city is a wonderful thing in our lives. I have grown up and stayed in Hue for a long time, but I am never tired of riding a bicycle around Hue city. Every Saturday, my friends and I often hold a cycling trip to some places in Hue.  Thanks to these trips, we know more destinations in Hue as well as their history, our souls are also more comfortable. So, why you, a tourist, coming to visit Hue city do not try exploring Hue by bicycle. It will be a very interesting trip.

Of course, with a bicycle, you can not visit Bach ma national parkLang Co beach, or Elephant Springs because they are too far from the city center. However, you can totally visit all the places which you often see in the program of many Hue tours especially Hue city tour such as the Citadel, royal tombs including Minh Mang tomb, Khai Dinh tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Thien Mu pagoda, Thanh Toan bridge, Dong ba market, …  Most of these places are located along the Perfume river, so it’s not difficult for you to find the way. If you take part in a Tour in Hue which transfers mainly by car or busyou not only have to follow its itinerary but also do not have a chance to look around the scene on the way and watch the daily life of local people and talk with them. In contrast,  if riding a bicycle, you are free and not limited about time and places to visit. Traveling by bike allows you to discover all the fascinating attractions of a new land. You will have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful scenes on both sides of the street, learn the traditional culture of the indigenous uniqueness easily which you may not experience when traveling by other means. Cheap, good for health, convenient for traveling, easy to explore new destinations … are compelling reasons worth planning for a cycling journey.

On the bike, you can also ride to the countryside, contemplate the countryside scene, watch local people take care of their paddy fields, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the village.  And of course, do not forget to stop at some beautiful places to take pictures and ride to some alleys in Hue to enjoy Hue local dishes.

What you have to do for a cycling trip is preparing a map, some bottles of water, suncream and a hat. Your trip will be more different and unique when you choose for yourself a nice and styled bicycle, explore Hue in your way, and have your own feelings about Hue beauty as well as Hue people. I believe that you will have an unutterable feeling with your cycling trip.

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