Located about 50 kilometers from Hue city, the Bach Ma National Park is home to the land border between the former quiet capital city and the dynamic city of Danang. Bach Ma National Park Hue is 1.450m high compared to sea level. It used to be a safe shelter for our soldiers in the fiercest years of  war against America. It was discovered by the French engineer M. Girard in 1932, but the French then turned the place into a resort area with 139 distinct system villas, hotels, pools, roads … The road to Bach Ma national park is very poetic with blue sky, green trees, colorful butterflies, wide lakes and continuous mountains. Standing high above the clouds looking at the valley, everyone will have to say these 3 words “Paradise is here!”. Nowadays, Bach Ma is an ideal place for tourists to contemplate the wild beauty of nature and relax after a hard-working week. Maybe, One day is not enough to discover the beauty of Bach Ma.

Experience one night in Bach Ma national park

After a long day visiting Hai Vong Dai, Five Lakes, Do Quyen waterfall,… tourists who want to enjoy a night in Bach Ma can choose to camp in the forest or stay in hotels. Hotels, motels, campsites are all around km 17, not on the mountain.
The tourists who love nature can rent a tent for 2 people or 6 people to spend the night camping out at Thong Nang site. Camping here, one can enjoy the cold mist of the mountain and hear the sound of animals through the windy forest. You can take part in camping fire activity and sleep in tents to get the feeling of nature at night. However,  Bach ma is a national park, so you have to contribute to protecting the environment in the park by camping at the exact place which is permitted. The fresh atmosphere in Bach Ma, as well as the gurgle of the streams and the singing of birds will lull you to sleep and you will have a sweet dream.

Ideally, if you want to camp overnight, you should bring food, mineral water, and items to cook. You can easily borrow the stove from the restaurant and pick wood up around the camping site if you go camping. Generally, self-sufficiency is happiness!

If you do not like camping in the forest, you can choose to stay in hotels or villas. Each villa in Bach Ma  with European architecture is a highlight for every visitor. On the way climbing to the top of Bach Ma, you will find a wonderful resort with 139 villas of ancient, elegant, quiet, with swimming pool, tennis courts, helipad, restaurants, shops Chaffanjon, and 2 hotels Bany, and Morin. Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, 9 villas (hostel) with 54 rooms on the top of Bach Ma were renovated, restored to serve tourism. Each villa has 2 floors with unique features and is named after the endemic flora and fauna of the forest. The rooms here are well-equipped, some rooms are designed for families and groups with external works.

The evening in Bach Ma Nationalpark is really interesting. Occasionally, when it is cloudy, the cloud will burst into your room like they are saying hello, and want to get acquainted with you. At night, if you have free time, you can try counting the number and type of countless butterflies flying into the room, perched on the bulb, as well as on walls and other corners. It will be very interesting.

In the evening, it is rather cold in Bach Ma. Curling up in the blanket and listening to mixes unique singing of Bach Ma forest at night, you will fall asleep without realizing it. The atmosphere in Bach Ma will lull you to sleep and you will have a good dream.

Do not forget to spend one night experiencing the wildlife in Bach Ma to make your trip more interesting.

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