Hue – the ancient capital of Vietnam, is a city full of green trees with a peaceful atmosphere, quiet but equally busy, and crowded. The city has preserved the tombs, temples and many gardens with the ages of several hundred years.  Hue is famous not only for being the focus of the tombs, and palaces of the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty but Hue is also famous for its beautiful nature. Arrive in Hue, you will be overwhelmed with its quiet, and peaceful setting in a romantic nature, which is very light, very soft, and very beautiful. You will also be impressed by  the voice of Hue people. Because Hue city is so peaceful, visiting Hue by Cyclo seems to be a good choice for tourists who want to look for the simplest and most rustic way to discover Hue.

Cyclo – a wonderful mean of vehicle to discover Hue city

Visiting Hue by Cyclo is a quite popular type of tourism with local and foreign visitors. Currently, in Hue,  transport services by cyclo are attractive and the most suitable in the inner city. A visit to the city on a cyclo will bring visitor a very different feeling in comparison with traveling by bus, car or motorcycle.

For tourists, whenever they want to go to Hue, they all want to experience this simple mean of transport to be able to enjoy the cool air of summer, admire the ancient city of Hue and learn more about the culture as well as the rich history of the Ancient land. Following the slow rotation of the cyclo, visitors are guided and given a recommendation enthusiastically of tour destinations, Hue sightseeing; or Hue typical dishes and food by helpful cyclo drivers who has undergone many ups and downs in life. Hiring a cyclo to visit Hue means that you not only get a cheap transportation but also get a wonderful tour guide because nobody understands and loves this city than cyclo drivers. Thanks to cyclo drivers’ experience and knowledge, visitors will know more interesting things about Hue life, people, culture and tourism; both sad or fun stories about this ancient capital. Especially, if you want to explore the night and enjoy the Hue cuisine for locals, Cyclo is the most convenient mean.

Besides Hue city tour which is a tour visiting Hue by bus, boat or car, you can also discover Hue by bike or cyclo. Especially, there are also many Hue cyclo tours which tourists can choose to explore Hue city. Evenly, you can easily hire a cyclo and ask the driver to ride you wherever you want. With only about 4 USD/1hour for foreigner and 30000 – 50000 vnd/1 hour for Vietnamese, tourists coming to Hue can contemplate the Hue Citadel, ancient tombs, Ngu Binh Mountain, Perfume River and watch the daily life of Hue people on the slow and gentle cyclos.

Today, cyclo has disappeared from many streets in big cities, but this will not be right in Hue. In spite of the development of many modern types of vehicles, there are still more than 3000 cyclos in Hue. Cyclo is a part of the memory of Hue ancient city. It is a special vehicle and a treasure that brought up Hue as well as many miserable lives. No one can imagine how sad Hue city would be if one day on the dreaming streets of Hue, there were no longer cyclos.

If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, do not hesitate to spend your day on this means of cheap vehicle that will give you a lot of interesting things about Hue and Hue style.

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