My Son Holy Land is located inside the valley complex in Quang Nam Province, southern Vietnam. It is around 69 km southwest of Da Nang city, 150 km from Hue and 75km from Hoi An. My Son is the former capital of the ancient Cham civilization that ruled Central Vietnam from from the 4th to 15th centuries.

Explore My Son Sanctuary – World Heritage UNESCO

Discover My Son Holy Land On The Way To Hoi An From Da Nang

On the way from Da Nang to Hoi An, tourists often choose to visit Marble Moutains, Linh Ung Pagoda and My Khe Beach. Besides these places, My Son Holly Land is also a famous destination which attracts a lot of visitors coming to Hoi an or Da nang. Tourists coming to Da Nang City or Hoi An should include a trip to the My Son Village. As it is only one hour drive from Hoi an and 2-hour drive from Da Nang. My Son Holy Land is a wonderful place for those who are interested in culture and history of Cham people.

explore my son holy land

Besides Hoi An, an ancient destination of historical value in Da Nang. My Son in Quang Nam, It is also a place of historical and culture-oriented tourism. If Hoi An enchants you by colorful lanterns along downtown streets by night, charming red towers in My Son surely amaze you in the sunset. If you decide to visit My Son Holy Land. You should hiring a guide will help you understand more about this impressive destination.

Tour My Son Sanctuary in Hoi An

Tour My Son Holy Land

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My Son Sanctuary – World Heritage UNESCO

In 1999, My Son is honorably recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The Place is captivating in various cultural values as an example of evolution and change in culture and as an evidence of an Asian civilization which is now extinct.

My Son Holy Land In Hoi An

My Son used to be a group of more than 70 structures (mainly temples and towers) built by Cham Kings to commemorate important events during their reign. Every time they have a new king, they build a new temple. Each temple has a typical architecture which reflects a historical stage of the Champa kingdoms. My Son sanctuary is truly a vivid proof reflecting Cham-style architecture which is much influenced by India style. Most of the temples point to the East, the sun direction. Champa people thought that the East was the place where the gods lived.

Apsara in my son sanctuary

Although some towers have been destroyed by the time and the wars. The remaining sculptural and architectural remnants still reflect the style and history of the art of the Cham people. Only 25 monuments remain intact today. Though parts of them are in decreasing conditions due to weather exposure and overgrowth vegetation. Their masterpieces mark a glorious time for the architecture and culture of the Cham, as well as of Southeast Asia. My Son represents the longest period of development of any monuments for religious purposes in Southeast Asia.

Inside a temple My Son

My Son Sanctuary is the finest example of Cham architecture in Vietnam. It is still a secret how and by what kind of substance Cham people could stick these red baked bricks together to form such solid structures. High shrine towers with double pillars, solid walls, elaborate carvings and striking sculptures, all reflect the exclusive beauty of Cham culture.
It’s a regret for those who don’t have a chance to visit My Son Holy Land at the time they are in Hoi an or Da nang. My Son Holy Land is really worth the visit. Come there and make your trip more interesting.
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