Bana Hills in Vietnam: A Must-Visit Destination for Tourists

Bana Hills in Vietnam located in central Vietnam, is a famous tourist destination that attracts a large number of visitors every year. This article will take you on a journey to explore Bana Hills and its unique features that make it a must-visit destination for tourists.

Bana hills in vietnam

1. Introduce Ba Na Hills in Vietnam

Ba Na Hills is a hill station in the Truong Son Mountains in central Vietnam. It is located about 25 kilometers west of the coastal city of Da Nang and 1,487 meters above sea level. Not wrong to say that Ba Na is a “green lung” of Da Nang city. Because only this place can make you feel 4 seasons in one day.

Bana Hills in Vietnam

2. Getting to Ba Na Hills

The Ba Na Hills Cable Car network is not only the world’s longest cable car but also one of the top reasons to visit the renowned resort of Sun World Ba Na Hills in Vietnam. The Cable Car is also the only way to visit the now-famous Golden Bridge which is held aloft by a pair of giant hands.

explore bana hills in Vietnam

3. Thing to see Ba Na Hills in vietnam

3.1. Golden bridge

The Golden Bridge is a 150-meter long pedestrian bridge that spans across a lush green valley. The bridge is held up by two giant stone hands and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

thing to see bana hills in Vietnam

3.2. The french village

If you’re looking for a unique cultural destination in Vietnam, the French Village of Bana Hills should definitely be on your list. French Village at Sun World Ba Na Hills is a replica of classical and romantic France in our fantasy, through a string of peculiar architectural clusters: the square, cathedral, town, village and inns…
Travelers to the French Village seem to jump the time machine and get carried back to the sophisticated and elegant life in one of the oldest countries of the world.

3.3. The Fantasy Park

The Fantasy Park is an amusement park located in the beautiful Bana Hills, Da Nang, Vietnam. It is a part of the Sun World Ba Na Hills complex and is one of the most popular attractions in the area. The park is designed to take visitors on a journey through various fantasy worlds, with rides and attractions that are suitable for visitors of all ages.

3.4. Linh Ung Pagoda

Ba Na Hills, located in central Vietnam, is a must-visit destination for those looking to experience the beauty and culture of the country. One of the top attractions in Ba Na Hills is the Linh Ung Pagoda, a majestic and serene temple that draws in visitors from all around the world.

3.5. The Max Museum

Ba Na Hills’s Wax Museum is home to several wax figures of famous celebrities and historical figures. It is a unique attraction that is worth checking out.

3.6. Beer plaza

The Beer Plaza on Ba Na Hillsl is a popular spot for beer lovers. It features several craft beer options and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

3.7. Local food and drink

Ba Na Hills is home to several restaurants and cafes that offer local Vietnamese cuisine as well as international options. Some popular dishes include banh mi, pho, and bun cha. Don’t forget to try the local craft beer!

4. Ba Na Hills cable car

4.1. About the cable car

The Ba Na Hills Cable Car is a modern cable car system located in the Ba Na Hills resort near the city of Da Nang in Vietnam. It holds the Guinness World Record for the longest single cable car system in the world, with a length of 5,801 meters (19,032 feet).
At the moment there are three ground stations from which to take a cable car to the top of the Ba Na Hills. These are Hoi An Station (05), Suoi Mo Station (08) and Toc Tien Station (09). There is also a fourth station, Da Nang Station (57) currently under construction. Each one takes you to a different part of the resort.

cable cxarr in bana hills Vietnam

4.2. Tips for riding the cable car

  • Visitors should arrive early to avoid long queues for the cable car
  • It is recommended to ride the cable car on a clear day to enjoy the best views.
  • Visitors should bring a jacket or sweater, as the temperature at the top of the hill can be cooler than at the bottom.
  • Cameras and video cameras are allowed on the cable car and visitors are encouraged to take photos and videos of the stunning scenery.

5. Ba Na Hills ticket

If you’re planning to visit Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, Vietnam, you’ll need to purchase a ticket to access the attractions and activities on the mountain. Here’s some information about Bana Hills tickets:
Cable car:

  • Travelers: 900,000 VND
  • Children 1-1.4 meter: 750,000 VND
  • Free tickets for babies < 1 meter

Take note: Ba Na Hills station cable car price does not include food fees, entrance fees to some places or games in Ba Na such as the Wax Museum, or winning games at Fantasy Park.
Buffet ticket:

Bana hills buffet options Lunch buffet Premium buffet Dinner buffet
Adults 350,000 VND 550,000 VND 380,000 VND
Kids 1-1.4m 210,000 VND 350,000 VND 230,000 VND
Kids under 1m Free Free Free
  • Where to buy: You can purchase Ba Na Hills tickets online in advance or at the ticket counter at the base of the cable car. It’s recommended to buy tickets in advance during peak season to avoid long lines and wait times.

6. Best time to visit Ba Na Hills

The best time to visit Ba Na Hills would be during a clear day, usually during spring and summer from January to August. It’s best to avoid the rainy season, which runs from October to December.

7. How to get Ba Na Hills

  • By car: The most convenient way to get to Bana Hills is by car. From Da Nang, you can take the road to Ba Na Hills, which is about 25 kilometers away. You can hire a taxi or rent a private car from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills.
  • By motorbike: If you’re feeling adventurous, you can rent a motorbike from Da Nang and ride to Ba Na Hills. The road to the attraction is scenic, but it can be steep and winding, so be careful and ride at a safe speed.
  • By shuttle bus: Ba Na Hills offers a shuttle bus service that operates from Da Nang city center to the attraction. The bus departs every hour from 7:00am to 5:00pm and takes about 50 minutes to reach the attraction.

8. Weather in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills has a cool and temperate climate due to its high altitude. The average temperature in Bana Hills is around 17°C. During the summer months, the temperature may rise up to 24°C, while in the winter months, it can drop to as low as 10°C. Ba Na Hills also experiences occasional fog and rain, especially during the monsoon season from September to December. Overall, the climate in Ba Na Hills is pleasant and suitable for tourism throughout the year.