It was a nice Sunday, so my friends and I decided to take a trip to Bach Ma National Park. The Bach Ma national Park is about 40km to the south of Hue city and 65km to the North of Da Nang. We chose Bach Ma to be our destination because it’s a great resort to relax and explore the beauty of nature. As I thought, it was really one of the most interesting trip I have ever experienced in my life.

Journey To Explore Bach Ma National Park

Things to prepare for Bach Ma National Park trip

To prepare for Bach ma tour, we brought follow us a lot of things such as coats, shoes, sun cream, anti-insect cream, swimming suits, glasses, and of course cameras. We started the trip at 8.00 in the morning from Hue city. On the way to Bach Ma National Park, the driver showed us Cau Hai Lagoon. It’s a vast and peaceful lagoon with many fishing boats and nets. The sun was shinning on the sky, on the water of the lagoon, which made the lagoon become sparkling. Despite the busy traffic, we couldn’t help asking the driver to stop in front of such beautiful view to take some photos.

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More than 1 hour later, we arrived in The Visitor Center, which is near the gate of the Bach ma national Park. Here, we were introduced some information about the Bach Ma NationalPark and was delivered free maps by a young woman. She was very friendly and enthusiastic. Her husband is also a tour guide and always ready to be a companion for those who need a tour guide for the trip to Bach Ma. She also has a villa on Bach Ma nationalPark and everyone can stay there at night.

How to get to the top of Bach Ma National Park

From the Visitor Centre, there are two ways to go to the Bach Ma summit that are walking and driving. However, 16km is really a long road for us to walk, so we decided to get in the car and continued to drive to the top of Bach Ma National Park. The road to Bach Ma peak is winding, but built of cement, so it’s not hard to drive. Outside the car is a wonderful world with beautiful natural scenery. We again asked the driver to stop the car and quickly run out to contemplate the whole view of the mountains, lagoons, ports, lakes, rivers and clouds crossing below. ” A paradise on the earth”, my friends shouted. For a while, I realized that I was only a small object in front of the majestic beauty of nature.

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Majestic vegetation

Wen took some photos and my friend discovered a centipede near her foot. It was really big and strange with many red legs. We also discovered 2 eagles flying in the sky and crying loudly. May be because we caught the centipede, which was its food. It was the first time I had seen such eagles, so I felt very interesting with their actions. My groups, then continued the trip and after about 45 min drive, we arrived at the parking area at km 19. From here, we walked to Hai Vong Dai located at the Bach Ma summit, which is 1450m in height.

Before coming to Hai Vong Dai, we saw a giant bronze bell. Tinkling the bell and listening to its echo made us feel comfortable. Standing here, I imagined that I was standing on the sky because I could see many clouds flying below. We jumped up together and felt fantastic. In front of the Hai Vong Dai, there are 2 white horses like the name of the Bach Ma National park. No words are enough to describe the beautiful scenery viewed from here. It’s such a wonderful place that many couples choose this place to take their wedding photos.

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Far from the distance, I could see many mountains, beaches, lakes, lagoons such as Lang Co beach, Hai Van pass, Cau Hai lagoon, …With cool climate and romantic and spectacular landscape with high peaks, stunning waterfalls and cool lakes, Bach Ma is the second Da Lat and Sa Pa in Viet Nam.

Five Lakes

After visiting Hai Vong Dai, we continued to walk to the car and transferred back to the parking area at km 17 and prepared for trekking through the forest to get to Five Lakes. Five Lakes is a system of 5 lakes arranging from Lake no.1 to no.5. Following the signs on the road, we trek to the Lake no.5. To get to the Lake, we had to pass many steps and small stone bridges. The forest was quite peaceful when you could only hear the gurgle of the streams and the sound of cicadas. To help us move more easily and create more fun. We collected some sticks on the ground. With them, we thought that we were real adventurers.

We arrived the Lake at about 11 a.m. There were many dragonflies, butterflies and bees there ready to welcome us. ” They are really hospitable and beautiful”, I said loudly. They were really strange with dark blue color and bigger than usual. We stayed there, took a rest and had lunch. It was a good idea to have lunch in the forest, on the rocks of the lake and listen to the sound of the forest. Immersing in cool water, we seemed to forget all the tiredness of the long journey we had taken.

Tourists coming to Bach Ma often see some sentences, writing on the boards like this” don’t take away any things from the forest except your photos and don’t leave anything except your footprints”. This means everyone should join hands to protect the environment of the forest, which contributes to the conservation of the national park. Because of this reason, we didn’t throw away the garbage, but brought them follow us during the journey with fun and pride of ourselves.

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Do Quyen waterfall

After that, we continued trekking to Do Quyen waterfall. Following the forest road, we arrived at the top of the waterfall. This is a breathtaking waterfall with the height of more than 300m. Viewed from above, the scenery was so vast and impressive. It’s a perfect connection of the forests, waterfalls, rocks and clouds. The sound of water falling into the rocks made the quiet atmosphere of the National Park become more lively.

To have a whole view of Do Quyen waterfall, we decided to get to its foot. In spite of stepping down 689 steps through the forest with tiredness and hardness, we all felt happy and proud of what we had done. The moment that Do Quyen waterfall appeared in front of our eyes is also the moment we knew we were successful in conquering it. We challenged ourselves, and we won. No words could describe our feelings at that time.

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Coming back to the car, we finished Bach Ma tour with a lot of fun and experience. Taking part in this tour will be a wonderful memory that I will never forget. To have your own feeling and experience about Bach Ma National Park, let’s book a tour Bach Ma National Park Full Day or Bach Ma Trekking Tour and discover it now.

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