Different from most other Vietnamese cities, Hue city, the ancient capital of Vietnam, somehow seems to have stood aside from the current economic frenzy and has retained a unique cultural identity. Hue city today looks like a massive open-air museum with hundreds of temples, pagodas, places and tombs, making its sightseeing in Hue, one of the most popular of the Vietnam tourist attractions.

Hue City Tour

Hue City Tour

Joining Hue city Tour – an exciting way to discover Hue city

There are many ways you can choose to discover the beautiful Hue city. For example, Someone takes a motorbike for their trip, someone chooses bicycle or cyclo, other people choose to book Hue tours. They are all interesting. For me, I choose Hue city tour . With Hue city tour 1 day, I can visit the most famous places in Hue without worrying about anything. I booked Hue city tour some day ago. It was really a wonderful trip that  I will never forget in my life.

The tour started at 8.00 to 8: 30 in the morning. The driver came to my hotel where I was staying in Hue to pick me up and transfer to the boat station.  Then the boat started cruising along the Perfume river- a romantic and poetic river in the ancient city. The atmosphere here made me feel peaceful and relaxing. Then, I had free time to visit Thien Mu pagoda-which is located on the north bank of the Perfume River. It was really a beautiful and ancient pagoda. My guide told me many interesting legends about this pagoda which attracted anyone coming here.

After that, I visited the Citadel. It was really large and impressive. Standing for over 200 years and consisting of over 100 fascinating architectural works almost remained unchanged, the Royal Citadel is an ideal place for those wishing to better understand an architectural and cultural beauty as well as an important history of Vietnam. Joining Hue city tour and visiting the Hue Citadel when you travel to Hue will give you a better understanding of the architectural and cultural beauty during an important phase in Vietnam history.

The next destination was Hue Royal Antiques Museum. The last place I visited in the morning is Dong Ba market. It’s the biggest and busiest market in Hue city.  You can find anything you want here.  I went shopping and bought something with suitable price. The people here are very friendly and hard working.

In the afternoon, I had lunch at a restaurant. The dishes at this restaurant are very delicious, especially Hue cakes.  After lunch, Hue city tour  continued the trip to visit the tombs to bring a new experience for tourists. There are many tombs in Hue city such as Khai Dinh, Tu Duc, Minh Mang,.. Khai Dinh tomb seems to be the smallest but the most recent and costly amongst other Nguyen royal tombs. Khai Dinh chose to build his tomb by modern materials like concrete, slates and wrought iron, hence its appearance is quite gray and imposing.

(Khai Dinh Tomb)

Many people said that Minh Mang tomb was a perfect combination of man-made and natural beauty of Hue, where architecture fits harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.  Looking from afar, the complex looks like a human being with the hill as his pillow and his hands and feet reaching to the river. From the front gate to the back door is almost 700m. The fence is high, but does not block the view to mountains and the Cam Ke Hill nearby.

I also visited Conical hat village. Here, I had a chance to see and learn how local people make a conical hat . It’s really interesting.

Finish the tour with a lot of fun and interesting experience, I always wish to have more time to  visit more places in this beautiful city. No where in Vietnam is peaceful and romantic like Hue. Join Hue city tour full day, you will understand more about Hue city .

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